Emergency Need for a Sponsor, Financial Supporter or a Strong Investment Partner

Invention of a new, attractive, exciting, refreshing, intact, and luxurious sport


Attn: All financial, economic, production and trading companies and institutions

Attn: All those who intends to advertise their brand and name in international level

Attn: Banks and institutes of finance and credit

Attn: All overseas large-sized companies

Attn: Agency of overseas well-known large-sized production and trading companies in Iran such as Sony, Mercedes Benz, Canon, BMV, Lexus, Hyundai, LG, Samsung, Apple, Google, Microsoft, IBM, GM, Toyota, Honda, Panasonic, Philips, O2, Emirates Airlines, Turkish Airline, Shell, Total & etc, Sipa, Iran Khodro, Aiwa, Sharp, Bugatti,

Attn: All those Large-sized export and production companies who intend to advertise in international level

Attn: the relevant authorities and organizations and at last, all those real and legal persons who invest in market and seek for a unique, new, high profit-marking and high surplus value investment.

- Invention of a new, attractive, exciting, refreshing, intact, luxurious and classic sport

- Inauguration and operation at the same time of holding Summit of Heads and 

   Government of Non-Aligned Movement in Isfahan

- in the presence of the Secretary General of the United Nations and chairman the

  National Olympics Committee

Invention of a New Sport

An associate and member of Sport Diplomacy website Team has designed and invented an exciting, intact and comforting sport field especially for youth and adolescents. For this purpose, a land and building with an area of at least SQM 5000 is required for implementing the peripheral programs.

The necessary ground is completely different with that of other sport fields. An attempt has been made to attract necessary investment for construction and opening the first club for this new sport field in Isfahan City in order to register and operate the sport club in the name of an Iranian (the inventor) under person the sponsorship of one or several domestic and overseas Large-sized companies in Iran. For this purpose, the terms and conditions for doing investment by a sponsor or investment partner in such an exclusive project are stated below:

1. This game can become one of the most world interesting sport fields. The Summit of Heads and

    Government of Non-Aligned Movement which to be held in Isfahan is a great opportunity, for 

    profit making (through tourism) upon the construction of a building and supplying necessary 

    equipment for such an exciting game and inauguration in the presence of the head of the summit,

    Secretary-General of the United Nations and chairman of international Olympic Committee.

2. Some programs are to be implemented to attract investment

3. Since, it is a new sport field it can be interesting for media, news agencies, satellite channels and 

    websites and a very good opportunity for sponsors to advertise in international level from the 

    very beginning. This sport field will be introduce in more details in a very slow procedure. For 

    this reason, it will become more and more interesting for those media who intend to broadcast     

    update news of this sport filed.

4. One of the peripheral business programs to be implemented is establishment of an Iranian

    cafeteria and seafood restaurant to serve healthy traditional food.

5. The name and brand of sponsors are advertised during the construction, opening and inauguration 


6. The sport hall for this sport field is somehow similar to that of bowling and shooting. We intend

    to establish the first sport club for this sport field in city center to be more attractive for media

    and people in the world. For this reason, a huge cost is required for supplying land and

    constriction of the building (As estimated, equivalent to the cost of construction of a medium-

    sized mall in city center).

7. The Summit of Heads and Government of Non-Aligned Movement schedule to take place in

    Isfahan is a good opportunity to open and operate this sport field in the presence of political an

    thirties and guests to reflect the news about it in international media. This will make a huge profit

    for both the sponsor and our company.

8. Our only security for the facilities to be granted by banks is the land, building-wittiest and

    equipment of the project                        

9. Some banks and institutions can form a consortium to sponsor this sport field

10. It is not possible to explain about this sport filed in details at the present time because it can

      easily be simulated by other people both in the country and abroad in view that the necessary

      tools are vary available and it is a flexible sport field (it can be implemented in various


11. In view that our company intends to make this sport field a business, those sponsor who pay the

      whole costs for land, building, equipment and opening in the best part of Isfahan city center will

      be top priority. The priority will also be given to those cities the municipalities or organizations

      of which supply land free of charge in the best part of the city.

12. The best guaranty for the completion of the project within the minimum possible time will serve

      as top priority in selecting sponsor. Those companies/institutions who pay the highest amount as

      a copyright will be top priority for sponsorship. The said amount will be returned to the sponsor

      upon the project completion.

13. The sponsor company will not be allowed to deal with the form, content, derails, rules and other

      aspects of this sport field. Any opinion given by the sponsor will be accepted only upon the

      formation of a board of promoters and the relevant federation.   

14. Priority will also be given to all domestic and overseas large-sized and well-known trading companies who not only pays the whole costs but also do all civil and executive works of the project such as appointment of the relevant contract and engineering, architecture and contract consulting team and do all hardware and software works in coordination with our company.


The performance of the agency of large-sized overseas companies in Iran is very important in terms of their role in providing the head office of the companies with complete, precise and clear information.

15. Banks and institutes of finance and credit can contribute in the project by granting long-term interest-free or law-interest facilities. The priority will be given to those institutes who accept the best conditions for granting loan. Our company will advertise that institution as its sponsor in international level in view of the loan granted during the construction, opening and operation of the project.

(The best conditions mean: the latest deadline for re-payment, low interest or interest free loan, highest amount of facilities and longest interval between operation and the first installment)

16- Investor/investors can be partner in the project. The shares will be %60 for the investor and Sport Diplomasi Company and %40 for the investor who pays the whole Costs including, land purchasing, building, equipment, opening, operation and other costs.

17. Those institutions and persons who intend to invest in a new plan for youth and introduce their country to the world can cooperate with our company by commissioning such a luxurious game for youth welfare.

18. This sport field is unique because it is a new invention to be executed for investment in a large scale. We have considered all aspects form potential to operation.

19. In view of the unique form, content and other aspects designed in this sport field, there is a high potential for profit making and high surplus value.

20- Our company intends to establish view departments for this sport field in such a way that all trade, cultural, social and recreational aspects will be considered in addition to athletic aspects and provide an opportunity for sport privatization.

21- we do not expect that this game be as attractive as football. But, we believe that this sport field can be as effective and attractive as volleyball and basketball if it is implemented in a modern style worthy of the age of Communication.

22- Partners and shareholders can cooperate in compiling and approving the initial regulations and the rules for this game depending on their shares upon operation of this sport field and formation of the relevant federation.

23- The interests of intellectual patent, copyright, website advertisement and other similar, cases are reserved for the designer and the website of

24- Overseas companies are required to send their letters of suggestion in Farsi Language.

Otherwise, they can do so through their agencies in Iran.

25- Our website is entitled to accept or refuse the suggestions and select two or several companies who suggest the best and highest amount under the best conditions (at least two sponsors).

One of our conditions is that no explanation will be given in details about this game until operation and worlds registration. For this reason, Priority will be given to those sponsors who support us without asking question about the details and only support us in the payment of costs and supplying equipment and others.

26- Any correspondence and document concerning suggestions and declaring readiness for cooperation shall contain the type and procedure of cooperation (whether or not institution seeks for sponsorship or investment partnership and/or granting loan and facilities) and the amount of advance payment or guaranty for good work performance project completion.


The institutions/companies are required to include the maximum investment in their correspondence.

All those who are concern about Iran and Iranian people all over the world are kindly requested to help us in advertising this new sport field through social networks and/or international companies, finding the best sponsors and implementing this sport field in the best manner.

Tanks for your kind attention and assistance in advance.

All sponsors and investors can send their correspondence including suggestions to the following postal box.

Contact hours: Evenings

Address:  Iran-Isfahan-Post Box: 81395-177 (Riahi)

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