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Notice : Emergency Need for a Sponsor, Financial Supporter or a Strong Investment Partner

Invention of a New Sport

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12- Professional World Cup

11-Sever complaints and intense objections to Mr. Infantino, the president of FIFA. To Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS)

10- Our sever complaints and intense objections to Mr. Infantino (and the FIFA) regarding the issuance of a license for us to hold a tournament for the best world soccer champions or the "finals", which was introduced as a "Small World Cup" under the name and for the benefit of FIFA

9- Formation of a government and a parliamentary system by Bashar al-Assad and the opposite parties, similar to the British parliamentary system

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7- A proposal to hold Super World Cup or a Cup for the Finals. A brand new idea for holding championship cup competition for the selection of the best and strongest football team of the year worldwide, and expressing our protest against Mr. Sepp Blatter who disclosed our previous ideas to the media and claimed they were his proposals. PDF

6- Peace Tournament" or Champion of Champions

5- Giving five points to the team who score five or more goals

4- Forming oil, gas and mining resources exploration and operation institution in south Pole, north pole and the basin of oceans and sea under the supervision of the United Nations

3- Peace tournament or Super Football Worlds Cup

2- North Korea and South Korea Union Peace -at the same of World Cup

1- The suggestions given to FIFA -holding World Cup once every two years, intelligent ball, increasing the number of umpires and others

G- From FIFA Accept suggestion

F- From Football federation Islamic Republic Of Iran

E- From FIFA - New Suggestion for extra Time - Real Goal

D- United Nations

C- Ref.: Complaint

B- Your fax dated 19 october 2012

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Establishment of an institute for exploration and operation of oil, gas and mining resources in south and north poles and the bed of oceans and open waters under the supervision of the UN

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To : IRI Ministry of Foreign Affairs
To be submitted to : General Secretary of the United Nations (UN), Mr. Ban Ki – Moon and the
Presiding board of the UN

 Subject: Establishment of an institute for exploration and operation of oil, gas and mining resources in south and north poles and the bed of oceans and open waters under the supervision of the UN
 In view that there is a huge amount of oil and gas resources (and probably stone, mineral and metal mines) available in south and north poles and the bed of open waters, oceans and the regions not located near borders, it is suggested that the patent and the right of operation of these resources be completely assigned to the UN and the relevant interests be directly reserved for poor and third – world countries. It is in all countries interest (even west, capitalist and industrial countries).
 In the 1st step : In general, the relevant territorial and legal problem in respect of the above mentioned resources and regions will definitely be solved. Some governments (such as Russia, Canada, United States and others) will be prevented from creating tension for taking more and better control in these regions.
 2nd step :
The money and interests of these common and international resources, earned by the United Nations shall be spent in needy, poor and third-world countries (in development, transportation, health, education and other affairs) in order to find an appropriate ground for durable peace and democracy, economic and durable development in the above-mentioned countries. This is an introduction to welfare in these countries and reduction of class gap between south and north countries (with and without the said resources).


3rd step :
The UN can fond the main part of its current costs and probably, military and security costs, caused by the presence of officers and peace providing officers of the United Nations in some countries, out of the interests of such plan for reinforcement of financial independence of the UN.
 Consequences :
Prevention of new tensions and quarrel's in international relations;
Prevention of world economic record caused by new economic potential and investment of the countries with the resources in the countries without the resources.
Lack of a ground for social, political and economic crises;
Creating an appropriate ground for reinforcement of world peace.
Strengthening democracy and human rights.
Expansion and development of thorough social and economic justice in the world caused by benefiting the said international common huge resources by all countries (directly and indirectly) in a fair manner.


23 May, 2008
 Address : Iran – Isfahan – P.O.Box : 81395-177

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