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Invention of a New Sport

13-Offer to host the FIFA World Cup Super.!!!

12- Professional World Cup

11-Sever complaints and intense objections to Mr. Infantino, the president of FIFA. To Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS)

10- Our sever complaints and intense objections to Mr. Infantino (and the FIFA) regarding the issuance of a license for us to hold a tournament for the best world soccer champions or the "finals", which was introduced as a "Small World Cup" under the name and for the benefit of FIFA

9- Formation of a government and a parliamentary system by Bashar al-Assad and the opposite parties, similar to the British parliamentary system

8- New Suggestion for Extra Time - Real Goal

7- A proposal to hold Super World Cup or a Cup for the Finals. A brand new idea for holding championship cup competition for the selection of the best and strongest football team of the year worldwide, and expressing our protest against Mr. Sepp Blatter who disclosed our previous ideas to the media and claimed they were his proposals. PDF

6- Peace Tournament" or Champion of Champions

5- Giving five points to the team who score five or more goals

4- Forming oil, gas and mining resources exploration and operation institution in south Pole, north pole and the basin of oceans and sea under the supervision of the United Nations

3- Peace tournament or Super Football Worlds Cup

2- North Korea and South Korea Union Peace -at the same of World Cup

1- The suggestions given to FIFA -holding World Cup once every two years, intelligent ball, increasing the number of umpires and others

G- From FIFA Accept suggestion

F- From Football federation Islamic Republic Of Iran

E- From FIFA - New Suggestion for extra Time - Real Goal

D- United Nations

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The suggestions given to FIFA -holding World Cup once every two years, intelligent ball, increasing the number of umpires and others

TO : International Federation of Football ( FIFA )
Proposals for making football more attractive and fascinating:

1-Football World Cup to be held biennially.
A huge number of fans of World Cup and the existence of great aptitudes for Football throughout the world provid apportunity for holding the Football World Cup games biennial . Today there are more proper facilities and communications to have more World Cups . We witness that there are numerous countries to host the World Cups . We should not miss these opportunities. The first time priority is the year 2000 as the end of the 20th century and start of the 3rd millennium . This will creat a speacial attraction for all . The first local priority is Japan . It seems that there will be some problems for Japan and South Korea to act as joint hosts for the 2002 World Cup . The main aspect for a host is the final football ceremony and opening ceremony, which cannot be held in both countries . In view of the preliminary preparedness and a strong management , Japan can act as a host for the Football World Cup 2000 . South Korea alone can be a host for the World Cup in 2002 or vice-versa . The only incovenience might be the insufficiency of time for preparatory games up to the year 2000 . This obstacle, with regard to the share of each continent in the World Cup can be crossed by selecting the best teams amongst the participants in the continental cup tournaments . As an alternative, one of the countries in which World Cup have recently been held ( such as italy, U.S.A or even France ) can act as a host for the 2000 World Cup , since such countries are equipped with update technical facilities . on the other hand , this can be a tentative for the performance of the biennal World Cup. Football can be an international festival for its popularity . We can hold it with a firm decision. This can be a practice for us to have more spectators. We can insist on TV broadcasting . We have 500,000 minutes for TV broadcasting .

2- Off-Side Rule .
We propose that this rule be eliminatd because it decreases 20-40% of football attraction . You may tell that this rule will prevent the opportunistic goals . You are right . But , firstly this will be the same for both teams . Secondly , the spectators are interested in these accidental goals . Thirdly , the execution of the Off-Side Rule is a problem which should be fairly settled for both teams .

3- The number of referees be increased in seven .
There should be one middle referee and one linesman half of the playing field . A reserve referee should keep the time. There should be a display panel to show time to the spectators . To avoid any visual mistake by referee and to distinguish the referees from the players , they should wear caps on their heads .

4- The coach should be allowed to substitute all of the eleven players . In this way , coach is able to arrange and maneuver better the performance of players . In addition , players can play with more responsibility and encouragement . Moreover , players can be tested more in practice . Each team should be permitted to have II substitutes in each match .

5- Some alteration in the upright goalpost should be equal to or more than that to the ball so that the balls bounce back to the playing field in the same angle as that of the impact on the upright goalpost . Thus , the ball will not deviate to the outside of the playing field or to the goal for an accidental goal . the upright goalpost should be made of corrugated hard glass with a built-in LASER camera so that the fulfillment of a goal be indicated throygh light or sound when a half of the ball passes a half of the diameter of the goal post .
Sincerely yours,

Pouya Pouya
[One of the residents of the global village]

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