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New Suggestion for Extra Time - Real Goal

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Date: April 6, 2018

Letter No. 123


To: The Football Federation of Islamic Republic of Iran

To be sent to the FIFA


Subject: Changing the rules of extra time and penalty kicksin football

First penalties to be kicked then the game goes to extra time

To whom it may concerned,

We hereby would like to present our suggestion for the football matches thatgo to extra time and end up in penalties. We would appreciate if you submit the text of this proposal to the FIFA for further examination and enforcement.

Introduction: A football team makes its best efforts for 90 days to 90 months, but they finally end up in penalty kicks for some seconds. This is not fair. With this new suggestion proposed here we not only will keep the charm and excitement of penalties in football, but also a kind of justice and fairness of victoryis established.Therefore,not everything will end in a few seconds, and the losing team will have 30 minutes to compensate the loss in case they have the capacity. On the other hand, the winning team in penalties has 30 minutes to score more in the match and strengthen its victory.

The proposal: In accordance with this new rule, the two teams first take the penalties before they start the extra time. Supposedly, the winning team in penalty kicks is assumed to be Argentina (A) and the losing team in penalty shootout is Brazil (B). With the start of the first half of the extra time, Team A has the privilege to start the match.

1.       In this new rule, the wining team in the penalties start the extra time and in the first half of the extra time, if no goals are scored, or both teams score evenly, Team A wins because it is already the winnerin penalties.

2.       The second case is when Team A scores a goal in the 30 minutes of the extra time and keeps its positionby one goal difference.

3.       The third case is when Team B, the loser of the match in the penalties, can win the match, so that only with a minimum difference of one goal can defeat team A in 30 minutes of the extra time and provesits lead in the current of the match. Here, the bonus and advantage of the penalty shootout are not considered.

Note: Some believe that penalty kicks are chance-based and they are a 50-50 situation, so Team A still has the opportunity to reject this hypothesis and prove its strength and, in extra time, score goals and by shooting the penalties, a new excitement would be injected into the game. Moreover, in just a few minutes of penalty kicks, the two teams have time to refresh themselves and continue the match with higher spirit.


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To: Fédération Internationale de Football Association -FIFA

Ref: New Suggestion for Extra Time -Real Goal
The penalty kicks shall be shot before the extra time prescribed. The winner team is determined on the basis of the penalty kicks scored goals in the extra time.
This new suggestion is about determination of the result of those football matches in which equal goals are scored for both teams.
You are kindly requested to make an analysis of the suggestion to be approved by the relevant committee.
Content of the plan:
The players of both teams shall shoot penalty kicks before the extra time prescribed. Suppose that the penalty kick winner team is team A and the penalty loser team is team B, Therefore:
1. The ball is given to team A to be shot from the middle of the field as an advantage upon starting the first 15 minutes -first half.
2. If the same equal goals are scored in the second half, team A will be the winner because the goal shot in the extra time is considered as one point and the penalty kick wined is considered as 0.5 point.
3. In view of point 1 for the goal shot and point 0.5 for penalty kick winner, team B will be the winner if the result of the second half becomes 2-1 in favor of team B after the termination of 30 minutes of the extra time because team B is awarded two points and team A is awarded one point for the goals scored and 0.5 point for the penalty kicks -Team A=1.5 points.
- In this way, the match will not be ended after shooting the penalty kicks and the loser team will have an opportunity for 15-30 minutes to win the match if it is qualified.
- Some believers that penalty kicks can be resulted in goal by chance (50-50).
However, penalty kick winner team will have an opportunity to disapprove such an assumption by proving itself as a powerful team who win the match in the extra time.
- The interval between the main game and the extra time spent on shooting penalty kicks is a very good opportunity for both teams to refresh and to continue the math with higher motivation.
- The last but not the least is that there will be a more exciting extra time after the penalty kicks are shot.
For this reason, time shall be recorded using electronic devices to be seen both by the spectators and referee precisely and clearly -like in wrestling- to avoid any abuse and time killing by some teams because each every second is important and effective in the result of a match.

Date: 10 Aug., 2012
Address: Iran, Isfahan P. O. Box: 81395-177
Mr. Pouya , the manager of the website of www.SportDiplomacy.info

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