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13-Offer to host the FIFA World Cup Super.!!!

12- Professional World Cup

11-Sever complaints and intense objections to Mr. Infantino, the president of FIFA. To Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS)

10- Our sever complaints and intense objections to Mr. Infantino (and the FIFA) regarding the issuance of a license for us to hold a tournament for the best world soccer champions or the "finals", which was introduced as a "Small World Cup" under the name and for the benefit of FIFA

9- Formation of a government and a parliamentary system by Bashar al-Assad and the opposite parties, similar to the British parliamentary system

8- New Suggestion for Extra Time - Real Goal

7- A proposal to hold Super World Cup or a Cup for the Finals. A brand new idea for holding championship cup competition for the selection of the best and strongest football team of the year worldwide, and expressing our protest against Mr. Sepp Blatter who disclosed our previous ideas to the media and claimed they were his proposals. PDF

6- Peace Tournament" or Champion of Champions

5- Giving five points to the team who score five or more goals

4- Forming oil, gas and mining resources exploration and operation institution in south Pole, north pole and the basin of oceans and sea under the supervision of the United Nations

3- Peace tournament or Super Football Worlds Cup

2- North Korea and South Korea Union Peace -at the same of World Cup

1- The suggestions given to FIFA -holding World Cup once every two years, intelligent ball, increasing the number of umpires and others

G- From FIFA Accept suggestion

F- From Football federation Islamic Republic Of Iran

E- From FIFA - New Suggestion for extra Time - Real Goal

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Professional World Cup


Hold the World Cup more global !
Make the World Cup more professional !
 ! Hold the World Cup more global 
! Make the World Cup more professional


The Russian World Cup ended up with all the ups and downs and joy, excitement, prosperity ،
failures and sorrows, and the beauty and ugliness of the found and hidden. And for few years, the World Cup will be 100 years old. And we need to make fundamental changes and a general review of the World Cup and its preliminary categorization. Strong teams such as Italy and the Netherlands, and ... Due to their quotas in a particular geographic location, they should not be big in this cup, but other weak teams, such as Panama, Saudi Arabia, etc., only because of the continental position and the amount of money The big scene is the world's largest professional football world, which should be reconsidered and revised in general. With the method and the program presented, more professional teams are selected, and stronger nations are spreading and playing in more dispersal of the world. This means that by taking the best countries in the rankings and FIFA Ranking from 15 to 20 teams in the world elected to head World Cup (15 groups) and other countries in order of rank and indicating the lottery in one of these groups. To put up . According to the number of countries in the world, each group consists of approximately 10 different teams from different continents with a combination of strong, moderate and weak teams. Each team prior to the World Cup will host its tournament periodically (group) in one of the countries of their group designated as the host to make a real and professional way from any group of a country to the World Cup finals. Namely, 15 countries are in the final stages of the World Cup. In essence, we will hold the World Cup FIFA World Cup.



Benefits and outcomes of this plan and manner of holding:



1- The best is for lovers and players of the game because, given the increasing number of games in the main and final stages, we will witness the World Cup finals, and teams will have enough rest until the next game.
2-The knockout tournament is not there, and strong teams with teams that have the phenomenon of the tournament will continue to relax with less stress and relaxation.
3- The fate of a team with a penalty is not determined to be a game, the death and life of that team, as a result of tensions and bad morals in the tournament.
4- The phenomenon, the star and the superstar will be in the group and periodic manner in which the tournament will take place, and all teams will be present until the final day of the World Cup, and until the last day we will see all the good teams and players. . It means that only countries with a strong and professional football will enter the Cup whether it is a football myth, or a new phenomenon in football, it is important to witness the pure football, the dream and opposition of superpowers of football, such as Brazil, Germany, Argentina, Italy, England, Netherlands, and others, and those who can enter this club and the festival with their stars and their superstars every day during the World Cup, that is, the World Cup Premier League.
5- At the initial stage of the group (15 groups), if a small, medium or third country is host to their group, then it is possible to provide a part of the cost and facilities with the help of FIFA and the United Nations to bring in high-ranking .These countries will develop and organize soccer globally and contribute directly and indirectly to the advancement of peace and democracy.



6- With the participation of 15 to 20 countries, the World Cup will be sacrificed for quality and professional football, and the champions will be able to conclude with the passing of too much difficulties.
7- With further experience and more, the number of teams can be increased to the desired level. And by increasing the tournament in the preliminary qualification phase, the Cups have become more widespread, with the presence of large teams and their stars balanced throughout the countries, and the entry of spectators and tourists to a greater number of games, and the exchange of cultures and their interaction becomes more feasible. It generates a rich income and boosts tourism in host countries.
8- As we had previously suggested in 1998, we could hold the World Cup every two years and hold this professional practice together with the current World Cup with a two-year interval . thanks.



Director of the Department of Diplomacy
Source: Golzang.com


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